Donor parts for a 1965 Mustang Rack & Pinion Swap

by Lewis Causey
(Columbia, S.C.)


I have heard that disc brakes off a 1970's Granada will work on my 1965 mustang, but are there other parts that can be "Frankensteined" off other junk cars that will work for a 1965 fastback mustang?

The specific items I am asking about is rack and pinion, and power steering. Any other donor parts you have info on would be appreciated. My budget is about as low as one can get, with the recession and all.

P.S. this is a very informative Mustang site.


Lewis Causey


Wish I could give you better news.

The problem with trying to adapt a modern rack and pinion system on an early classic Ford Mustang, is that most racks "front steer", while an early Ford Mustang is a "rear steer" car.

What this means, is that when you turn your wheel left, you'd go right, and vice-versa.

I haven't seen any junk yard solution to the problem so far.

There are, however, some decent kits out there that are pretty much bolt in's and based on a modified "J" rack.

Good Luck !

P.S. - If any one has found a good "junk yard" solution, let's hear from you!

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by: rick h.

Re: 1965 Mustang Rack & Pinion Swap

i personally swapped a rear axle, 4spd.,302,power disc brakes,power steering, and full steering rack from rag joint to wheels from a 1977 Granada, to a 1968 Mustang convertible.

I had to shorten the drive shaft 1 1/2 inches, move the spring center bolts forward by 1 1/2 inches, and drill and fit the brake booster.

Hey Rick

That's quite a project for your 68 Mustang. If you have some pictures of the swap, I think a lot of our readers would be interested in seeing the process.

If you do, send me the pics and more information and I will post it up to the Restoration section.


Wrong Answer:
by: Anonymous

If you get your rack & pinion out of 75 to 78 mustang it will work. All the mustang 2 are rear drive and some came with 302 in them. The rack & pinion will bolt right up.

Nice! Can you supply any Pics ?

I'm sure many others would appreciate seeing an installation. If you've done one, what other parts did you have to fabricate?


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