Cheaper 2010 GT500 Air Filter

by Larry
(Englewood, CO)

Mustang GT 500 Air Filter

Mustang GT 500 Air Filter

Question Re: Finding a Cheaper 2010 GT 500 Air Filter

I have a 2010 GT 500 and recently had a stock air filter replaced. It was $140.00!! Are there other air filters that I could could use besides getting ripped off by the dealer?


Absolutely! There are several different brands of a Cheaper 2010 GT500 Air Filter that are easily available online and all are much cheaper than the "deal" at your local stealership.

Here's a link to an Airaid Air Filter designed to fit the 2010-2011 GT500.

Not only is the price right (in the $50 t0 $60 range), but this air filter is also washable and reusable, so you're going to save even bigger money when you get to the next maintenance interval!

When you're on this page, just look above the picture of the filter to where you see it says "too see all air filter" and make a drop down box search with your model and year. That will take you to where you'll find another great choice, a K&N filter which is right for the car, and is a very popular choice because of it's long history of increasing performance. It's also reusable.

And just so you are sure you're getting the correct 2010 Shelby GT500 air filter (and a great deal), you'll also see the listing for the nasty $140.00 OEM Ford filter as well.


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