Can't Find a Mustang to Restore

by Gabby
(Sheffield, England)

1970  Fastback Mustang To Restore

1970 Fastback Mustang To Restore

Comment Re: Mustang to Restore:

My dream is to have a 1970 or 1969 Mustang on my driveway, just bare bones and i save it from the scrapyard and restore it over the years.

Trouble is I just can't find one! All the ones I've found have already been restored and go for way too much money. I'm really glad i found your website.

All I need to find now is a car!


Hey Gabby!

Glad to hear that you've been looking for a Mustang to restore.

The 1969 and 1970 Ford Mustang does seem to be a difficult car to find, particularly if you are looking to buy a fastback ( sportsroof ).

Above, you'll see my upcoming project car, a 1970 Mustang fastback. Believe me, the picture makes it look like it's in a lot better shape than it is!

I knew there was going to be some major rust removal and floor pan replacement in the trunk area.

But the 100 or so mile drive back home from where I bought the car, managed to shake things loose enough, that I actually ended up with some big open holes in the floor in the passenger compartment.

The nice thing, though, even with choosing a 1969 or 1970 Mustang to restore, is that virtually every part you can imagine, is available in reproduction.

As a matter of fact, you can even buy a completely brand new
1969-70 body shell from Dynacorn for about $15K US or about half that from a remanufacturer (whose name escapes me now) who takes 6 cylinder coupes and transforms them into either a fastback or convertible shell.

So depending on how original you want your car and how much time you have, versus your available cash, you can still put together the Ford Mustang of your dreams.

I've kept my eye on both, Canadian and USA Craigslist city listings to eventually find the car. It did take awhile to locate one that was what I considered a decent price.

In your situation, it may be a bit more difficult, since there are few 69-70 cars and restoration project ready hulks available in England.

But buying and shipping your favorite car from North America may still put you farther ahead, than sourcing one locally. And the value of your car, when it's finished will certainly be great!

There are certainly many Ford Mustang enthusiasts in Europe and the UK.

One last suggestion. You may want to contact the Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain through their site at

Not only could they be a good resource, but I've notice that there are people mentioned, who run a container once or twice a year to the USA.

Good luck with your hunt. Be sure to write again when you've found your car.


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