Canadian Car Shows Summer 2011

by Rowenna Louise Robb


Hi I'm just wondering if you can help me. I'm from Australia and living in Banff,Alberta in Canada.

At the moment my parents are coming to visit me sometime over the summer months, or a little later.

My dad is a long time Mustang owner and also restores cars for a living.

I would like to take them to a show,event while they are here....even to travel over to the states with them would be great,just need to know some dates and places of things coming up??

Any ideas ?

Canadian Car Shows

Sorry for the long wait to reply! Two shows you might want to check out if they are going to be around in August, are the Greater Vancouver Mustang Association 29th round up Mustang show on August 28 2011, at the Thunderbird show park 248th Street & 72 Ave.

It's just east of Vancouver and it's a big regional event and brings lots of cars, ranging from 1964 1/2 Mustangs, to the new 2012 Boss 302.

Also coming up on September 10, 2011 is one of the largest Canadian Car Shows, called the Langley Good Times Cruise-in. It's located in the heart of the city of Langley, BC and is one of the largest outdoor car shows in North America. Crowds of up to 100,000 people come from all over to check it out, and believe me, it's worth it!

For details and a map, here's the website address for the Langley Cruise in:

Hope this helps with some good Canadian Car Shows where he can check out some fine Ford Mustangs!

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