Body work supplies for the Mustang Restoration

Here are some of the body work supplies and body fillers for our project 1965 mustang coupe.

These are the same products and tools that you would use on any other body work repairs for other years.


Bondo and other Polyester body fillers

Although the word Bondo has become a generic term for 2 part curing auto body fillers, it is actually the trademark for the polyester filler putty manufactured by by 3M.

I've used a lot of fillers over the years and although I do use bondo as a body work supply at times, I prefer others.

I'm not saying its bad, just that I prefer some of the others for various reasons. Mostly I find that their product leaves a "skin" on the area when cured that will clog up your first piece of sand paper as you gradually begin to shape your filler to a nice even repair.

I've heard recently that wiping it first with acetone helps, but I haven't tried it yet.

Auto body filler types

Polyester body fillers like bondo come in various consistencies, from heavy coarse fillers, to finer fillers like feather light and extremely fine ones called glaze putty

Each has its place in your Classic Mustang's autobody repairs.

Start with the thicker body filler for deeper imperfections and small dents. At no time, should maximum body filler thickness be thicker than 1/8 inches. More than that can cause problems with cracking, add weight to the car and can also cause ripples in the finish because of the rates of curing of the polyester resin in it.

And, if you didn't mix the right amount of catalyst paste from the tube, you could have parts inside that don't cure properly, causing pieces to fall off your car and kill your nice new paint!

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