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Question Re: 92 Mustang GT Crank and Pistons

What parts can i use from a 1998 Ford Explorer 5.0 liter V8 in my 1992 Mustang 5.0 ? Does the Explorer have a steel crank and forged pistons?

I heard that the 1992 Mustang did. Is that true?


Because I'm not sure if you are asking if you can swap parts from the 5.0 engine in a 1998 Explorer into a 1992 Mustang 5.0 motor or you want to put the explorer V8 into your pony car I'll try to answer you from each perspective.

First, the questions about the 92 Mustang GT Crank and Pistons. Other than the last part of the 1992 model year, all 302 cubic inch 5.0 HO engines came from the factory with forged pistons.

Later year cars came with hypereutectic pistons and the crankshaft in either case, is a cast iron unit.

5.0 Liter Explorer Advantages

The 1998 Explorer motor has much better flowing and power producing heads ( the GT40P heads vs the Mustang E7 heads ). Both, the intake and exhaust valves are larger in the GT40 heads ( 1.84/1.54 GT40P compared to 1.78/1.46 on the Mustang's E7 heads.

The most popular and power producing pieces with enthusiasts usually involves using the heads, plenum, MAF and injectors, which makes sense if you want to get the most out of that flow using stock components.

You'll also need the ECU, who's parameters already include the newer engine's specs for injector cycle time (ie fuel curve)and other important parameters.

Find a good aftermarket camshaft. The weakest link in the Ford Explorer 5.0 is the camshaft and really, why swap a used cam into another motor anyway, even with the original valve train parts?

Unless the parts motor is not great, you'd probably be much farther ahead and faster too, just swapping the 5.0 out of the Explorer and adding a good aftermarket cam into your 92 Mustang GT.

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