45 stang boyz

by Corey
(Fort Deposit - Alabama)

Big Timer

Big Timer

45 stang boyz

It is just three of us now we are located in Fort Deposit Alabama.

We all have Mustangs one Foxbody and one 2003 and one 2004

Hey Corey!

Great to see some Ford Mustang Action in southern Alabama.

I'm sure other people in your area are interested too. If you guys are looking for more members to get your Mustang Club hopping, or just people with other Mustangs to cruise and hang out with, shoot us a contact email and I'll make sure it's there for other pony car enthusiasts to reach you.

Even a basic hotmail email could fit the bill.

Good luck to the 45 stang boyz !


By the way, a while back we had a comment by April who has a 2004 Ford Mustang and was looking for a club in Alabama. Check out her page and leave a comment. You may just have a new member.

Here's the link:
Alabama Mustang Clubs

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