The 2011 Mustang in Vancouver at the Auto Show

Just saw the The 2011 Mustang in Vancouver at the 2010 International Auto Show. If you saw the opening or closing ceremonies for the Olympics in Vancouver, then you'll know the show's location.

The new 2011 Ford Mustang is in many ways better in person. Of course, until now, pictures of any of the new Mustangs have been few and far between, but it's time to let the floodgates open, so here's the first volley.

2011 ford mustang v6 convertible picture

2011 Mustang V6 Convertible

One of the things I noticed about the 2011 convertible, compared to my 2005, was it's cover, giving it a nicer, more finished look. While I think that better looking material wouldn't have hurt, its certainly an improvement.

2011 Ford Mustang GT Pictures

2011 Mustang GT convertible

This bright blue 5.0 Mustang immediately reminded me of the Mustangs of the late 70's. Maybe it's just memories, but I really do think these cars look better in solid colors, than the currently popular metallic colors.

2011 Mustang Shelby GT500

2011 shelby mustang gt500 front

From the first look, you know this is a Shelby. While it's not a grab and shake you kind of difference, it's obviously a 2011 Mustang in Vancouver at the show, but you just know, there's something more.

Thanks to the Ford folks, letting me get into the cars, and out and under the hood to find all the good stuff and take these fresh 2011 Mustang pictures. 2011 shelby mustang supercharger

Now you can't miss that big black supercharger sitting on top, nor the large cold air intake and it's molded housing. And that big 5.4 liter V8 reminds me of the old days of Big Block engines filling up the entire engine compartment.

But what caught my eye, and what I hadn't heard of before, was that cool metal plaque on the driver's side valve cover, that will no doubt get the same kind of buzz that Mercedes AMG owners get when popping open the hood. 2011 shelby hand built plaque

The plaque tells you this is a hand built engine by Shelby and Ford's SVT team.

The New Mustang - Better Attention to Detail

2011 mustang gt interior

One thing I noticed, seeing the 2011 Mustang in Vancouver, that I'd noticed on the 2010 Mustang Cobra, was that fit and finish have hit new levels from earlier versions.

Ford has also seen fit to eliminate the flimsy and easy to break hand brake handle cover and replace it with a leather cover.

The dash fits together much better and the seams line up well.

The door panels are getting better and better. Now there's some nice detail and less of the cheap, hard plastic from the earlier cars.

Exterior Styling

2011 mustang 5.0  headlights

It takes awhile for some of the details to register. Ford engineers always talk about "styling cues" to keep that Mustang look and feel. One of them didn't register until I had my second or third look at the new premium edition V6 2011 Mustang in Vancouver.

What finally clicked, was the sculpted curves near the top of the rear quarter panel. What did it remind me of? My 1965 Mustang coupe, and then of course all other Mustangs from 1964 1/2 right up to 1970. Subtle, and it looked right too.

2011 Mustang GT Wheels and Tires

2011 ford mustang wheels

The 2011 Mustang section looks at the various tire and wheel combinations that are available for the new Mustang. And they really do look better up close and personal than in pictures.

But what also caught my eye were the differences between the Mustang GT and the Shelby GT500 tires. 2011 shelby tires

Both had (finally) decent high performance tires and wheels, but Ford and Shelby have different ideas about what works best.

Ford gets that power to the ground on the Mustang GT, with some good rubber. Pirelli P Zero Nero tires are fitted to the GT and While classified as a M+S, this means occasional cold weather driving.

It's a good tire with an asymmetrical design and independent tests show it runs well with top tier tires such as the Michelin Pilot Sport and the Potenza s-03.

Shelby uses Goodyear Eagle F1 tires, which rank only slightly below against the top performing Pilot Sport, making it also in very good company.

When you get the chance, check out the new Mustang. You won't be disappointed!

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