The 2009 Mustang Super Snake !

Along with the new Ford Mustang styling, the 2009 Mustang Super Snake provides even more fun for enthusiasts.


The cost of buy in includes purchasing a 2009 GT500, plus an additional $27,995- approx. $34,000.

Exterior upgrades:

Exclusive Shelby Super Snake hood, carbon fiber front fascia,carbon fiber rocker covers, carbon fiber mirror covers, sequential tail lights,Super Snake badging, striping and lettering, front and rear brake ducting,and on the convertibles,a light bar with a solenoid activated brake light.

Appearance Changes: Engine dress kit with billet caps, and engine accents.

Interior upgrades:

Center gauge cluster with carbon fiber faced gauges, shelby embroidered headrests and floor mats,Super Snake sill plates, consecutively numbered dash plaque.

Performance upgrades:

Upgraded supercharger (600 to 725 + horsepower depending on price level), cold air intake, borla cat back exhaust system coupled to a 6 speed transmission and a 3.73:1 rear end.

Suspension and steering: Shelby/Eibach coil over suspension and sway bars, Shelby/Baer six piston caliper braking system, and a Ford Racing short throw shifter.

Wheels and tires include 20' Shelby/ Alcoa wheels shod with high performance Pirelli P-Zero Nero 255/30ZR20 on the front and 275/35ZR20 on the rear.

Need More Power?

If all that performance and style in the 2009 Mustang Super Snake still just won't do it, well, Mr. Shelby is offering something you just might like. Working with drag racing legend, Don Purdhomme, the Prudhomme Super Snake package was created to get the drag racer's heart pounding, with a specially prepped 5.4 liter supercharged V8, boasting 800 horsepower and properly set up for drag racing, including an adjustable front and rear BMR racing suspension and real drag tires.

To lighten the load, a full fiberglass tilt front end has been added.

Shelby produced a grand total of 100 of these Purdhomme Super Snake cars, with a sticker price of $100,000 over the sticker price of the donor 2010 Mustang Gt500 or 149,995 (US) for a complete car.

Wonder how long it'll take some brave soul to tuck in a couple hundred shot of nitrous just to see what happens.

P.S. If it's you, there's a real nice web page reserved here for you and that wicked car so that everyone can enjoy it with you.

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