2008 to 2010 Mustang Front End Swap

by John McKnight

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Question: - 2008 to 2010 Mustang Front End Swap

I have a 2008 Mustang GT convertible. I like the new style front end on the, not sure if 1st year was 09 or 10 front.

Could the fenders,hood,bumper & cover,headlights be a direct bolt on to my 2008 Mustang GT ? If so,where would be the best place to buy the components.

Thanks John

Answer :

I can understand why you'd like to do a 2008 to 2010 Mustang front end swap. The new lines are cool and much more muscular, compared to the previous series from 2005.

While the underpinnings will not be that much different (ie. inner fenders, upper fender apron flanges)the bigger picture and issue with swapping the new 2010 Mustang fenders and hood onto your pony car, is going to be matching the contours of the new front fenders with the rest of the car's lines and curvature.

Assuming that you are fairly skilled at doing bodywork and some fabrication, I'd say the best way to get a good idea about how much work it's going to take to do a 2008 to 2010 Mustang front end swap is to see if you can find at least one 2010 Mustang front fender at an auto wrecker.

Pull the corresponding fender and the front bumper fascia off your convertible and with clamps or maybe a couple pairs of vice grips clamp the new fender onto the car. That way you'll be able to see just exactly what you have in store for yourself.

Backing up a step too, remember that the front bumper fascia is not likely going to mount exactly to the old bumper holes and some massaging of the actual bumper materials, or even the whole front bumper assembly may need to be replaced with a 2010 bumper.

So whether that's making a long story short or a short story long....

The bottom line is that by itself, doing a 2008 to 2010 Mustang front end swap is possible, if you have the necessary skills to make everything match, whether that means fabricating brackets or bodywork and working out any small wiring issues that need to be resolved.

So, direct bolt on? No. But possible ? Yes. And if you do decide to make it happen, be sure to take lots of pictures and I'll make sure we get your car and front end swap up on the site.


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1995 conversion
by: BristolMayor

With a little work could a 1995 mustang front end be updated to a newer year say 2005 or even better 2010?
Was curious if the front of the firewall and doors would match.

Hey BristolMayor,

Converting a 1995 front suspension to that of a 2005-2010 Mustang suspension would be an incredibly big undertaking. In my opinion, not worth the trouble versus the time and money involved.

While upgrades within a generation are certainly doable, I would not suggest jumping generations. Each incarnation is based on a different platform as well as changing the actual suspension components.

So for instance, swapping fifth generation parts from a 2005 to a 2010 Mustang utilizes the same base frame/body configuration, transplanting those to an earlier, narrower chassis, with track, brakes and suspension differences can make for big headaches if you are not lined with money or are a very good fabricator.

What I would suggest is a good font suspension conversion kit that replaces the old, dodgy steering and suspension with a retrofit performance coil over suspension swap.

These are pretty widely available and require, depending on the kit you buy, little to no major modifications.

There are a number of different retro fit performance kits on the market. Eibach, SR performance and QA1 to name a few. Prices range from around $600 to $1,500.

To complete the addition, make sure to pay solid attention to the rear suspension as well.

If your kit does not include rear upgrade shocks, springs, suspension bushings etc. these should also be part of your upgrade at the very least to guarantee the best overall handling characteristics for your 1995 Mustang.

These kits can virtually transform the performance of your car, to the point that you find yourself mysteriously driving in the general direction of twisty roads even if the freeway is faster...

Good Luck,


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