2006 Mustang Convertible Leak

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2006 Mustang convertible

2006 Mustang convertible

Question: 2006 Mustang Convertible Leak

I just purchased an 06 mustang convertible, however when it rains or when I wash the car it holds water inside of the quarter panel right below the rear window.

Is there a drain plug? or possibly something clogged?


Your 2006 Mustang convertible leak problem is pretty common. In fact it's a common issue on most Mustang convertibles from 1999 and up.

The two most common areas where leaks can occur in the rag top cars is in the weatherstrip around the rear quarter windows and the rear window.

The usual culprit is the convertible top material under the rear window. What happens is that over the course of a few years, the plastic / vinyl material that comprises the outer layer of the soft top is exposed to a great deal of folding and creasing in the same places.

Add to that, that if you live in one of the warmer climates, you will be raising and lowering the convertible top more often AND the material will be exposed to more sun damage.

I would start to look around and near the corners of the rear window and see if you can spot any small holes or cracks in the material.

What can fuel your 2006 Mustang convertible leak is water sitting in the lower part of the top, when the top goes down and leaking through the holes and cracks, simply from opening the still wet soft top after a rain and it collects in the folds below the rear body attachment line.

When it gets worse, you will start to see water getting in during a car wash or a rain with gusting winds.

Either way, you need to identify where exactly the convertible top is leaking from and patch it from behind, with some waterproof material and glue, to again make it water tight.

Having a friend pour water on that area, while you watch from the inside, or spray it in a diy carwash should help you find the leak or leaks in short order.

Your local upholstery shop that specializes in convertibles and vinyl roof work should have a scrap or two of soft top material that you can use to close and reinforce cracks or small holes.


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