2005 Mustang GT Automatic Transmission Filler


2005 Mustang GT 4.6L with automatic transmission, I see a drain plug but how do you refill the transmission?


As you've probably noticed, the 5R55 transmission found on the 2005 and newer Ford Mustang, does not have a transmission filler tube.

So how do you get the transmission fluid in there? You'll need a special tool, made by Ford, or the aftermarket to refill the transmission from the drain.

Using either an OTC 6604 Ford Transmission Fluid Fill Adapter or a Ford No. 307-437 adapter and a fluid transfer pump, you need to pump the fluid through the center of the drain fitting.

Also, in order to fill the transmission fully, it must be level and idling in park.

When the transmission has reached the correct level, fluid will begin to drain out of the center tube.

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