2005 Mustang Door Panel

Removal D-I-Y

2005 Mustang door panel removal can be done with simple hand tools and average mechanical ability.

Although most 2005 - 2010 Mustang owners (hopefully) don't need to replace their door panels, you might just want to get to the insides to add new door speakers or make a repair.

The new Mustang for 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009 and 2010 cars all have basically the same inner door structures, so this procedure should work for all years with some slight differences being possible.

Step one:

Remove the sail panel. This is the little triangular piece at the top front of the door that covers the side mirror mechanism. If your Mustang has the power electric mirror option, you'll also need to remove the electrical switch connector.

Step Two:

Remove the door lock bezel that surrounds the little nob you push down to lock the door.

Step Three:

Remove the interior door handle cover that's just behind the inside door pull handle. Then remove the trim screw that's behind it.

Step Four:

Remove the window control switch housing and disconnect the electrical connector.

Step Five:

Remove the door trim handle panel cover and the panel trim bolt in the recess of the door pull.

Step Six:

Remove the 8 trim screws around the outer edge of the door panel.

Step Seven:

Disconnect the door handle cable from the handle.

Step Eight:

If the door panel has a built in subwoofer, disconnect its connector and remove the panel.

You are now a Mustang door panel removal specialist!

Now, where are those speakers.... ?

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