2004 Mustang Paint Code
(Bumper And Exterior )


I need to find out the paint color and code for my 2004 Ford Mustang GT.

The paint code for your 2004 Mustang GT can be found on your driver's door sticker. Mustang paint codes are located on the left hand side of the door sticker and are a combination of a letter prefix followed by a number.

You should see a part of the label that says EXT PNT followed by your interior and exterior paint colors.

Below is a list of the available Mustang exterior colors for the 2004 model year and their corresponding codes.

* Dark Shadow Gray Metallic CX
* Competition Orange CY
* Colorado Red D3
* Screaming Yellow D6
* Merlot Metallic FX
* Redfire Metallic G2
* Mystichrome Metallic G6
* Azure Blue L5
* Sonic Blue Pearl SN
* Ebony UD
* Silver Metallic YN
* Oxford White Z1
* Silver Metallic Z3

The bumper paint code colors are exactly the same as those for the exterior body shades.

If your sticker is missing or damaged, you may want to try contacting your local ford dealer and ask them to find it using your VIN number.

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