1999 Mustang 3.8 with Oil in the Antifreeze

by James
(Smithfield PA, USA)


I have a 1999 Mustang 3.8 with Oil in the Antifreeze. There's also no heat unless you rev engine up. What is the problem?


If your Mustang V6 has oil in the coolant, or you you find your oil has a milky look to it (from antifreeze contamination, there may be a head gasket problem.

It used to be that you would also be able to see a smoky whitish exhaust smoke, but modern computerized systems are so good at cutting emissions, that this doesn't always happen.

Unless you are prepared to do this yourself, I'd suggest taking your pony car to a reputable mechanic and have it checked out. It's a simple procedure to find out.

If there's a head gasket blown or leaking, you'll need a new one put in as well as replace the coolant and an oil change to eliminate contamination and engine failure.

The reason you don't have good heat in your 1999 Mustang, is that your coolant is probably getting into your oil pan and the radiator is now low enough, that no fluid flow is getting into your heater core, which means no heat.

So bad news, is it's probably a head gasket, but the good news is that you'll end up with good heat and save the rest of your engine from faster wear, from diluted oil and overheating problems.

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