1995 Mustang T5 Swap

(Robert Estes)


I just swapped my automatic for a T5 and wanted to know, if I need to change the computer, or the harness?

It is a 1995 GTS Mustang.


You should be able to swap just the computer BUT... get a copy of your wiring diagram from your local Ford dealership so that you can compare wire colors and pin locations to be sure that the pins go to the right places.

I've done quite few rewiring jobs, and those are the most common issues with modern Ford wiring harnesses. (I've actually changed an F350 gas engine harness into a diesel harness with only a few other issues)

Just take your time and match the pin locations and colors.

If you're lucky, the only change may be the neutral safety switch, which commonly becomes the clutch safety switch wire, preventing you from starting the car in gear.

Good Luck

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