1995 Mustang 5.0 Oil Pressure Gauge Question


I have a 1995 5.0 Ford Mustang.

The reading on the oil pressure gauge shows in the word "normal" between the M and the a in normal.

Is that high for oil pressure? And what would that mean?


When the needle is in the "normal" letters, it means the oil pressure is within the normal range. You may find it varies a bit too, when the car is cold or hot. If that's not where you're used to seeing it, here are some guidelines.

A reading too high or too low can be a cause for concern, or at least a reason to make sure everything is ok with your system.

A too high reading can be triggered by a plugged oil filter. It can also read high for awhile, after heavy acceleration and then later go back to normal if it's partially plugged.

A low reading can happen with a car with high mileage or a car with too little oil.

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