1989 Mustang Headlights

by Chad

1989 Mustang Headlights and Fog Light Issue

1989 Mustang Headlights and Fog Light Issue


I have a 1989 Mustang GT, and I can't run the head light and fog lights at the same time.

I was told to replace the relay with a hd (heavy duty) relay, but if I change the 1989 Mustang Headlights and Fog Light bulbs with lower power led bulbs will that work?


First off, I'd have to agree with the person who told you to replace your relay with a heavy duty one. It's much cheaper than going to an LED fog light package.

Having just faced a headlight issue in my 1965 Mustang restoration , which resulted in my having one bright headlight and one dim one, after checking first for good power, I got to wondering about the ground circuit.

As soon as I added a good ground to the negative (ground) side of the headlight socket, I instantly had a bright light. Checking backwards, I unscrewed my headlight chassis ground, (on the front radiator mount) and cleaned it up.

That's all it took to fix that issue. So, making a short story long.... check to make sure that your problem is not just a bad ground, not a faulty or inadequate headlight relay.

Other Alternatives:

You could also look at separating your 1989 Mustang Headlights and Fog Light circuits into two individual systems and run them off different power sources and different relays.

That's what the off road guys do with their extra lights and fog lights. It's just too much juice to run through those small wires.

That way, you can keep your original 1989 Mustang Headlights and wiring and then just add your new circuit for the fog lamps.

Good Luck!

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