The 1989 Ford Mustang GT

Regardless of the fact that the 1989 Ford Mustang GT was produced with few changes from the 1988 model, it remained a very popular choice with Mustang enthusiasts at the time.

It also became something of a living legend on the streets, with its new Mass Airflow Sensor system for a number of reasons. First, for the everyday driver, it meant if you had to drive into a high altitude area, your Mustang was a lot smoother driving car.

1989 mustang convertible

Second, it allowed "tune" changes that were not previously possible with the previous year's speed density system.

Exterior Styling

Styling for the 89 Mustang was unchanged, but the pony car's fans didn't seem to mind. If you were looking for the iconic 5.0 Mustang, then you wanted that "look".

Since trim level was really the only difference between the 1989 Mustang GT and the LX model, many opted for the less expensive LX model.

The GT also continued to be available as a convertible or as a 3 door hatchback.

Interior Styling

A proper speedometer now graced the GT's interior, in place of the old federally mandated 85 mph units. The only good thing you could say about them is that they made it really easy to bury the needle!

Engine and Drivetrain

Although the change from speed density to a mass airflow system, was good news for the hot rodder, on paper it actually reduced output. Whether or not, the horsepower numbers were actually in excess of the stated output, or Ford was playing tricks, the posted horsepower remained at 225.

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