1985 Mustang

The 1985 Mustang silhouette remained relatively unchanged from the 1984 model, however a few good changes under the hood improved both,horsepower and acceleration.

1985 mustang gt convertible

In SVO form, the 1985 mustang gained 30 horsepower with improvements like and air to air intercooler, which cools the compressed and heated air exiting the turbo allowing for a denser charge into the cylinders.

The High output 5.0 liter V8 also gained some horses and now runs up to 205 hp with changes in the valve train, cylinder heads and accessory drive. Plus a new header style exhaust system was used to improve flow out of the engine.

1985 Model Year Changes

Exterior Styling changes:

Minor changes were apparent on the 1985 car, save for the addition of flush mounted headlights on the SVO optioned Ford making them look decidedly more modern. Three variants were offered, including the GT, LX, and SVO options.

The Gt was easy to identify with its blacked out hood stripe and GT logo as well as its lower valance mounted fog lights.

Interior changes:

Form fitting Cloth seats became standard equipment in the interior, with a leather seat option. The only color available if you ordered the SVO option was charcoal, although five colors were possible on the outside.

Engine and Power Train:

Although the lineup of available engine options remained the same, the two high output motors gained horsepower. The 2.3 liter inline 43 cylinder remained at 88 horsepower, while the 3.8 liter V6 provided 120 hp. As noted earlier, both performance engines gained power, with the 2.3 SVo upping its power to 205 horsepower and the 5.0 liter 4 barrel carburetor equipped high output V8 jumped to 210 hp.

Available transmission choices remained as the 5 speed manual with a revised lower first gear ratio and the AOD automatic.

Interesting facts:

The 1985 Roush custom built race Mustangs dominated wherever they were raced. With Trans Am victories in its pocket, and a class winner in the 24 hours of Daytona, Miami Grand Prix and Road Atlanta to name a few. Not bad for a Secretary's car!*

* Carrol Shelby's name for the original Mustang that, although he didn't like it, saved his company from extinction.

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