1979 Mustang fuel Tank Replacement issues

by Dan
(Belgrade, Montana)

Question Re: 79 Mustang fuel Tank Replacement

I'm wanting to replace the fuel tank in my 79 Ford Mustang. Can I use a gas tank from any other fox body stang?


Not all fox body Mustang gas tanks are the same, for several reasons. This has to do only partly with styling and body changes.

The 1979 1980 and early 1981 cars have a slightly different fuel system than the later cars. As far as I can tell, around the mid 1980 Mustang model year Ford made a switch to tanks that route the fuel lines with the vapor return line at the top of the tank.

In particular, what this means, is that you would have to modify your fuel lines in order to make a later unit work.

So depending on why you want to do your 1979 Mustang fuel tank replacement can have consequences.

What I mean is, that some people are looking to replace the tank with a newer Mustang unit, because they are looking for something to be able to hold more fuel. Others are changing it out because they have a newer parts car and want to know if it fits.

If you are looking for more capacity,then you are either looking at some modification. But if not, then any 1979, 1980 or early 1981 tank will work.

With later tanks, assuming you are not planning to run an efi unit, you just need to look for basically any non fuel injected style tank from 1981 to 1986.

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