1975 Mustang 4 Barrel Carburetor

by Caleb

Mustang 4 Barrel Carburetor and Air Cleaner

Mustang 4 Barrel Carburetor and Air Cleaner


How do you install a 4 barrel carburetor in a 1975 Mustang Ghia?


I'm assuming that you are starting with a stock 2 barrel carburetor on a 302 cubic inch ( 5.0 liter ) engine.

Basically, you have two ways to go, to add a 4 barrel intake manifold, linkage and new carburetor.

Your choices are to install a stock 5.0 intake manifold, linkage and carburetor, which would make the setup very simple, or you could go with aftermarket parts.

The latter is almost as easy to install, but will produce considerably more power, particularly if you intend to also install headers and a freer flowing dual exhaust system.

Stock 1975 Mustang 4 barrel carburetor and Intake

Probably the simplest solution is to get yourself a complete intake, carb and linkage from a 1971-1973 Mustang 302. The engine is the same, so the only fabrication, may be the gas pedal linkage.

Aftermarket Intake and Carburetor

Fortunately, this swap has been done countless times over the past several decades, so it's easy to get a good 1975 Mustang 4 barrel carburetor setup, for your car.

The aftermarket companies, such as Edelbrock, supply linkage kits to adapt your throttle linkage to the new carburetor.

List of Parts

- socket set
- gasket scraper
- intake manifold gaskets
- water outlet gasket
- carburetor base gasket
- linkage kit for your application
- aftermarket or stock intake manifold
- aftermarket or stock carburetor
- fuel line and clamps
- timing light
- torque wrench

1975 Mustang 4 Barrel Carburetor Swap Procedure

Items to Remove:

1. throttle linkage
2. fuel lines
3. water outlet, thermostat and bolts
4. (mark and remove) vacuum hoses
5. carburetor
6. Intake manifold and bolts
7. Distributor and ignition wires *

* Check your workshop manual for how to find top dead center on #1 cylinder and replacing the distributor


The following is a general guide to installing your new intake manifold and new or used 1975 Mustang 4 barrel carburetor.

- remove old intake gaskets, being careful not to lose any particles into the cylinder heads

- install new intake gaskets and intake manifold, torquing manifold bolts to manufacturer's specs

- install new carb gasket and carburetor

- install distributor, setting according to shop manual

- install ignition wires

- reinstall all vacuum lines, adding or capping ports as required

- install/modify fuel line to properly fit new carburetor

- use manufacturer's throttle linkage kit to adapt your new carb to existing oem linkage

- test for complete throttle opening and closing

- attach choke linkage, modifying as needed

- check for leaks

- start engine and adjust timing

- drive and enjoy your new 1975 Mustang 4 barrel carburetor

Hopefully that's enough to get you moving in the right direction.

For more details, I'd suggest you look at picking up something like a Ford Performance Book, that covers aftermarket performance parts installations.


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