1974 Mustang ll Ghia Restoration !

by John Brinded
(Norwich,Enland, uk)

Restoration Project in Progress

According to the "door frame" ID,she was built in Detroit sometime in 1973, making it one of the first Mustang Ghia's,I guess.

Currently I don't have any photos to hand,unfortunately.

The car was purchased spring 1989 with the intention of renovation. It was still road legal so I used it throughout the summer.

Since then it has spent the last 20+ yrs in the back of my late fathers garage.
It's engine is a 2.8 V6 rather than the later introduced V8 and much more economical than the later 5.0l I once had.

It is the original left hand drive rather than the European,hacked about,right hand drive conversion.

Since being stored,I moved away,married/divorced, etc.

Last Christmas I rediscovered it,covered in dust but still all intact.

Maybe,one day I will have it on the road once more. I certainly hope so.

Pictures to follow.................

John Brinded

Norfolk, England

Hey John!

Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your 1974 vintage Mustang ll Ghia.

Don't worry if you haven't had a chance to do much yet. I'm sure you'll find that the rest of us hard core Ford pony car fans love to see those pre-restoration pictures just as much as we do for the finished product.

I have a friend that still had his first car from high school, started the restoration and then got married, had 3 kids and 14 years later, there's really still only 6 months of part time work to finish it and be on the road.

While I still can't seem to get him to any major time out in the garage, I convinced him to just start minor projects, which not only helps fuel your desire to finish the car, but bit by bit, you are achieving some real progress.

And that's what I'd like to suggest to you.

Small projects.... maybe an hour or two, whenever you can manage it.

For instance, doing the brakes (even one axle at at time), or rebuilding the heater box, or ripping out the old carpeting. Anything that you can figure out that can be accomplished in short bursts of time.

Make a list of small projects, the tools, supplies or what ever you'll need to do them and next thing you know, your 73 Ghia will be on the road, to the admiring glances of your friends and the motoring public!

Keep at it!


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