1973 Mustang Restoration: Where Do I Start ?

by Deborah
(Atlanta, GA USA)


I want get my 1973 Mustang "road worthy" - been in a barn for many years.

Where do I find people who qualify for classic repairs (body and interior)?



Hi Deborah. The thing to keep in mind, is that your classic 73 Mustang is older than half of the mechanics out there who might repair it.

While normally, finding a mechanic with A.S.E. certification would be a good start, I'd suggest looking up a "classic car restorer" or classic car restoration service in your area.

Better yet, contact your local Ford Mustang Club and ask for a couple of recommendations.

You might think all these members are hard core wrench heads, doing their own work.

But a large proportion of these folks enjoy owning their Mustangs, leaving the restoration and upkeep to a local expert.

Why not start with an email to the club's webmaster and see where that goes.

Good news travels fast in Mustang circles and bad travels even faster. You'll find out pretty quick who's good and who to avoid.

Good Luck !

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