The 1973 Mustang

The 1973 Mustang was the last year of the "big Mustang" and the end for a long time of any real performance car of that name by Ford Motor Company.

It also was the last year for the convertible, which thanks to more government regulations wouldn't return until 1980.

Although as expected, there were no ground shattering changes to the final year of the first generation Mustang, Ford continued to make evolutionary changes to styling including a new grille, color keyed front bumper, previously only available in the Decor Group or Mach 1, plus color-keyed fender moldings and hood to complete the package.

1973 mustang mach 1 fastback

Exterior Styling

1973 Ford Mustang

Unlike the 71 and 72 standard cars, all 1973 Mustang vehicles now were equipped with the previously Mach 1 only, body colored urethane "rubber" bumper. This was due to more strict bumper laws,that required cars to be able to withstand a 5 mph hit straight on, without showing damage.

At the rear, was the same chrome bumper, seen on previous years and other models.

1973 ford mustang convertible

The horse and corral remained on the front grille for 1973 standard and Grande cars. A larger rounded edged trim rectangle around the edges of the grille also housed the new standard vertical running lights.

73 mach l with torq thrust wheels

Mach 1 Mustangs had a similar grill, but had different running lights and the single and simple pony logo in the middle of the grille.

The standard and Grande cars lost the previous year's chrome wrap-around trim at the leading edge of the hood.

Interior Styling

1973 mustang deluxe interior

Changes to the interior were few. Although that makes identification difficult, it works well for restoration.

1972 Ford Mustang Engine And Drivetrain

Ford's engine choices for 1973 remained virtually the same. The 250 cubic inch Inline 6 cylinder motor still was only 98 hp, while the 302 V8, provided a whopping (whipped?) 140 net hp.

1973 302 v8 engine compartment

The H code 351 V8, with a 2 barrel carburetor was listed at 177 hp, and the 351 cubic inch Cobra Jet a reasonable 266 horsepower.

Restoring a Vintage 1973 Mustang

1973 Ford Mustang restorers will find that 1971,1972 and 1973 seat covers,carpets,dash pads,headliner and trim are all the same pieces.

So it's easier than some other model years, to find decent used replacement or reproduction parts. This goes for everything from standard coupes, to the Grande, convertible and Mach 1 cars.

Cool Facts:

One cool thing that actually happened in 1974 was that a 73 Fastback was featured in what many have said was the best car chase ever, in the original Gone in 60 Seconds movie. It was also the real first "Eleanor Mustang". The remake featured a 1967 fastback.

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