1972 Mustang Upholstery Cost

1972 Mach 1 Interior

1972 Mach 1 Interior


How much does a complete upholstery cost for a 1972 Mustang?


A short question with a long answer!

First let's talk about what may or may not need to be replaced. Or what exactly the pieces and prices are for each part of the interior upholstery.

The 1972 Ford Mustang was available as both, a coupe and sportsroof (fastback). It also came in several trim levels.


Carpet for the 1971 to 1973 Mustang must be ordered either as coupe carpet, fastback/sportsroof carpeting, or Mach 1 Carpeting.

Mach 1 cars, had two rubber inserts in the front, with the mustang pony logo embossed into them.

Expect prices for the standard carpeting in the $130 - $150 range and about $180 for the Mach 1 carpets.

Usually you'll have a choice of economy or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) type carpets.

Door Panels

1971 to 1973 Mustangs, were available in either a standard interior or deluxe interior (eg. Grande). Standard door panels run about $100 bucks, while the deluxe ones are considerably more expensive, at $400 a pair.

If you don't have the original stainless trim, expect to pay another $100 or so to complete your doors.

Dash Pad or Dash Cover

If you need to replace your dash pad, you
have 2 choices. A new dash pad, which will run about $200 to $400 depending on whether you want Ford original tooling or a reproduction.

A cheaper alternative, is the dash cover, which is designed to look like a stock dash, but is actually a plastic cover that is attached over the original dash. These tend to run around $100 - $120.


Headliner for the coupe and fastback models are different, due to the length of the roof and rear sail panels on the sportsroof.

Prices for either are about the same at $40- $50 bucks. Hopefully you still have the headliner bow wires, or you'll have to buy those as well.

Seat Upholstery

You can get either only front seat upholstery or a full set, which includes the rear seats. On most Mustangs you'll get lucky and only need the front seat upholstery. These run about $250 for the standard interior seats and $350 for the deluxe.

Fastback Side Panels

If you have a fastback, you may need the cardboard side trim panels, which are about $40 for a set.

If you need them, there are also, replacement glove box doors, cardboard,sun visors and more.

Good luck with your interior upholstery replacement project.

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