1971 Mustang Coupe Air Conditioning

by Craig
(Kansas City,Mo,USA)


Need some advice, I have a 1971 Mustang coupe and it still has the factory air conditioning.

Currently the heater fan doesn't blow and I have ordered a new blower.

I'm considering just pulling the factory air conditioning out, simply because I don't think i can convert it to the new freon. And If i could, I'm not sure of the cost. Besides I don't mind using the windows.

Now if i do pull it, should I pull the air conditioning compressor, the condenser,the dryer,the hoses and the evaporator coil? What will I use to cover the holes through the firewall that use to have the hoses running through it?

Also is there anything else I should be aware of, that I'm not considering?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Actually, it's a pretty simple operation now, to convert your 1971 Mustang Coupe to the new R-12 replacement (R134A). There were issues initially, with oil compatibility and leakage, but that seems to have been solved successfully.

I would, however strongly suggest that you take your 71 Mustang to an air conditioning specialist, unless you've done replacements and recharges before.

The most important things to do, are getting all the old oil out of the system, replacing the receiver/filter drier, checking for leaks and then pulling
a vacuum on the system to ensure all moisture is out of the system before the new R134A is put into the system.

That's why I suggest that you have a shop do it. They have a machine that pulls a vacuum, inserts the oil and then the new refrigerant.

The system has to work a little harder with the R134A, so it's fairly common to see only a year or so, before you need to upgrade to a new a/c compressor, but the good news is that they are all built to work specifically with the new refrigerant and reasonably inexpensive.

If you do decide to go without air conditioning, the simplest thing to do on your Mustang, is just leave everything there. In the old days, people just used to cut off the belt.

Everything else on your Ford, will work just the way it's supposed to, without air conditioning.

The a/c clutch just free wheels, when it's not engaged, so you won't be sapping horsepower or robbing you of fuel economy with the switch off.

And unless you just want to reduce weight, there's really no point in going to the trouble of removing all the components (compressor, hoses,condenser,cables,evaporator etc.)unless you really feel the need to do so.

Good Luck!

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