1970 Boss 302 Mustang

The 1970 Boss 302 Mustang was arguably the best muscle car ever made. In street car trim, the Mustang Boss cranks out a more than respectable (and conservatively rated) 290 horsepower.

It's also one of the most sought out and valuable of all Ford Mustangs and garners some of the highest prices seen at high end car auctions.

While changes from the

1969 Boss 302 Mustang are few, the two model year run produced a remarkably well sorted out car that not only competed and won at some of the highest levels in sports car racing, but did equally well in the showroom wars against its other muscle car rivals. 1970 Boss 302 Mustang

Although the other Boss, the Boss 429 Mustang had more raw power, the lower weight, balance and handling combination proved to make the smaller but ferocious Boss 302 almost as quick as the big block cars. And some people (like me) think this just may be the best looking Mustang Boss ever.

With it's redesigned front nose, which removed two of the 1969 Boss Mustang's headlights and added two sets of black imitation air intake slats, the 1970 Boss 302 Mustang had a clean and more modern look.

70 mustang boss rear

New side "hockey stick" stripes graced the sides of the car, extending up into a Boss 302 logo and up towards the matte black hood. 1970 boss 302 interior

Although the interior was pretty much your standard 1970 Ford Mustang fare, with either the regular or deluxe interior options, there was one difference in particular that immediately hints at whether or not you are looking at the real deal.

And that's the instrument panel.

70 boss mustang instrument panel

Boss Mustangs included the option of having a tachometer in the instrument panel.

Engine and Drivetrain

70 boss 302 engine

Although little was changed overall to the strong Boss 302 engine, Ford engineers reworked the exhaust system, and other areas, to achieve the best power and torque throughout the engine's range.

7 boss mustang space saver tire

Like the 1969 version, a spacesaver tire was placed into the trunk, replacing the standard spare.

Buy A Boss 302 Mustang

If you've always wanted to buy a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang, you'd better have a strong wallet.

Basket cases, with no engine, transmission, and in one recent case only half the car is going to set you back a bundle.

Decent running Boss Mustangs are in the $50,000 and up range and high end restored 1970 Boss 302's are much higher yet.

But how cool would it be to own one?

Restoring a Boss

The great thing about restoring a Ford Mustang Boss is that unlike some other high end muscle cars, or exotics, 95% of the car is built with the same restoration parts or original parts as a normal fastback or sportsroof car.

That means that once you get past the initial cost to buy-in, the overall restoration costs are not much more than restoring any other classic Mustang.

The important parts ( and the most costly parts) are of course, the incredible specially prepared 302 engine, suspension pieces such as the larger sway bars and Boss only small pieces.

Body parts, trim, glass, interior parts are for the most part interchangeable, save for the integral tachometer.

This is truly a car that is better than the sum of the parts! But it's also nice to know that if something breaks, or you can come up with the price of admission, that you are already most of the way there.

Try that with a vintage Ferrari or Porsche!

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