1969 Mustang Rear Quarter Panel Drain Plugs

by Carlos Salazar
(Caracas, Venezuela)

Quarter Panel Drain Plug Location

Quarter Panel Drain Plug Location


I recently bought a 44 piece body plugs and grommets kit, for my 69 Mustang coupe, but I don´t know where to put the Rear Quarter Drain plugs.

If you can show me the exact location maybe with some pics, I will appreciate it!



If you have had replacement quarter panels added at some time, you may not have a quarter panel drain to plug.

There are two ways to find out.

The easiest, is to look under the rear quarter panel, fairly close to the rear valance.

In the area of the bottom of the lower quarter panel and the transition to the trunk floor drop off you should see a hole with a rubber plug in it.

This is the rear quarter panel drain.

You could also put your hand into the area between the drop off and quarter panel in the trunk area. Assuming that it's not too full of dirt and junk, you should be able to feel it.

The above picture is from my 1970 fastback (sports roof), but should be a good guide for the location on your coupe.

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