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by Chris

1969 Mustang Diecast Model

1969 Mustang Diecast Model

Question Re: 1969 mustang diecast model

Hello. I am looking at the 1969 Mustang diecast model, and when I click on it, It says no information. I would like to know more about it, such as price, if it is in stock, etc.

I would really prefer a 1969 Mustang convertible model, but have not been able to find one. Do you know if one is available?



Hi Chris

Sorry for the information being unavailable. Unfortunately this model has now sold out.

Although I've been able to find a new cream colored 69 Boss 429 to replace it (see the link below), there are as yet no non "Boss" coupes, sportsroof or convertibles that I have been able to find for you.

Please check back often, as this is the time of year that the diecast car models change (always a bit behind the new car models due to tooling), so there may be some changes coming and they cover the entire Mustang production range (1964 1/2 t0 2013)as opposed to just new vintage models like the 2013 Boss 302.

As soon as I locate another non "boss" model (hopefully a convertible), I will have new pictures, specs and a link to more information posted directly in the 1969 models section.



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