1969 Mustang Convertible
Repairing My Under Carriage

by Shane

Great site!

I have a 1969 Mustang convertible with a 200 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine.

As i dig into it, it looks like most everything is going to need replacing on the underside.

I planned on starting with the inner rockers. What is the proper order of operations to do this and then what are the next structual parts to do after that.

Also, do you have any tips on getting over that first timer fear factor!

Thanks Shane


Thanks Shane. Sounds like you have some major rust removal in the floor pans and rocker panels.

How about sending me some pictures to see what you need replacing, for a more detailed answer.

First, as for the first time fear, here's what I'd suggest. Start off by marking out with a marker, a section of the floor pan that absolutely has to go.

Get out the saw or die grinder, put on some heavy gloves and cut that section out.

The car won't collapse, you'll feel like you've already made an improvement to the car, and you'll get a feel for what it's like to do more.

You might be surprised to see just how much stress that relieves for the rest of the process!

I prefer to start with the pieces that make for the most structural stiffness, and work outwards.

With a convertible, that probably is going to be either torque boxes (if they need replacing) or the rocker and floor section on one side of the car.

It's also a good idea, with a convertible, to bolt on a piece of steel tube to brace the door openings when the door is out, to keep everything straight after you've cut.

Doing one side at a time keeps the frame as rigid in the middle as possible, and also allows you to use the opposite door as an alignment tool and brace.

I'd also suggest that you check out the Mustang floor pan replacement and restoration section for pictures and more details on floor pan repair and rust removal.

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