1969 MACH 1Original Owner

by Gerald
(Sellersburg, Ind.)


I need the original measurements as the car rolled off the assembly line for the distance from the center of the wheel well opening to the floor, for both the front and rear.T

his would be for a 1969 MACH 1 with a 351 W engine 4bbl and F70x14 poly glass tires.


Hi Gerald. I'm not quite sure exactly what you mean. Lets have some more details. Are you putting in new floor pans and need measurements or ?

Also, anyone else, feel free to add your comments to this post.

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uh what is comment title? 69 Mach 1 Original Owner
by: Rick

I own a Mustang like the one you need the measurements. I am the original owner. How can I help?

69 Mustang Mach1 Height and Spring Measurements

Forgive me if I'm on the wrong page for an update of my original question. Here goes.

The reason I need the Floor to center of wheel well measurement both front and rear, is because my car has the original coil springs as well as original leaf springs.

I know they are tired. I not only want to replace them with factory type ride springs, but I want a slight forward rake.

I would like the rear to be at about 29" and the front about 27 1/4" to 27 1/2".I don't want a stiff or harsh ride.

My air shocks ( that are coming off ) had given me the lift, but I'm done with that type of ride.

I can order customized springs from EATON SPRINGS, they claim I can get the original ride with the height I want.But first I need to know at what height the car sat as it left the factory, brand spanking new with a 351 Windsor engine, no a/c no power steering or brakes and with F70-14 POLY-GLASS tires.

I have received conflicting measurements either from responses or what I found by internet searches. Any thing from about 25" something rear and 26" something front to 28" rear and 29* front.

The higher numbers came from someone with a low mileage original.

It seems a little high ? But maybe not. I can't afford to do this more than once.

I have to get it right the first time !

I can't find the exact specs. Anywhere.

I'm sure FORD MOTOR COMPANY had that data somewhere at sometime. They had to !

MANY MANY THANKS in advance for any help from anyone !

Hey Gerald

I don't have a specific answer, but here's a couple of good possibilities to check out.

Contact a Moog or TRW factory rep, through your local parts store and ask them to research it.

Moog, and I suspect, TRW both have a tech line, and that's just the kind of question that they should be able to field for you.

In my experience, for suspension questions, if they can't tell you directly, they will know someone they can call and get you that info.

Generic replacement rear springs have an arch that's higher than the originals (usually around 7").

Alternately, I'd contact Eaton and ask them. They are making oem reproductions, now, and in order to produce springs that ride at the oem height and jounce, they must have that figure.

Good Luck.

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