1967 Shelby GT500 - Looking for parts.

by Jose

1967 GT500 Engine

1967 GT500 Engine


Hi: I need the cast iron exhaust manifolds for a 1967 Shelby GT500, with a 427 engine.

Do you know somebody who has them?

Thanks, regards.


If you have the 427 engine and not the 428, you have a very rare GT500 Mustang.

Apparently the 427 was an option, but I've heard that few to none were made with this engine.

This is not a part I've seen available in the aftermarket.

However, if you have the originals, but they're cracked, there are machine shops that can repair them for you.

I've taken courses on two different types of cast iron repairs, called "spray welding" and "pinning" which can fix them up like new in most cases.

Otherwise, I'd suggest looking through Ebay and any local Mustang/Cobra shows for leads for used parts.

You may want to search for these casting numbers and see if they work:

C6OE-9431-A (Left)

C6OE-9430-A (Right)

P.S. Anyone reading this who has a source for Jose , please add to this thread below with the contact form.



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67 Shelby GT500 parts
by: Anonymous

Are you still searching for exhaust manifolds?
I do have a driver side C6OE-9430-A date code 8J3
Also have passenger side C7OE-9431-A date code 8H21

mustangrestore at aol dot com

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exhaust manifold
by: Anonymous

found this post while researching parts to put on ebay. I have a C6OE 9431 A exhaust manifold if your still looking contact me at mblake at wavecable dot com

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1967 Shelby GT500 Parts
by: Mitch

You can contact me at Mitch@shidokanofmahwah dot com
(edited to reduce spam) I live in nj. And my friend has a lot of Shelby Mustang parts and owns 1 of 3 Shelby Gt500 cars with a 427. And has a 65 exp.

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