1967 Mustang to 1972 Maverick Power Steering Linkage Swap?

by Russ
(Gans, PA)


Can I use a complete steering linkage (p/s steering box, center link, idler and tie rods) from a 1972 maverick to my 1967 Mustang. Both are V8's.


Not without a lot of work. The 72 Maverick is more closely related to the 1970 Mustang.

The pump would work in a 70 Mustang and the control valve would work for 1968-1970 Mustangs.

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Casting Numbers and Tie Rod Taper
by: Bruce

Check the casting numbers on your spindles. First off, the 1965 - 1967 spindles for both drum and disc Mustangs were the same spindles. Past those years there were individual spindles depending on whether the cars were drum or disc.

Castings for 67 should be C7 something. The first letter is the decade (ie. 60's is a C, 70's is a D)
The second letter is the year number in the decade. So a C5 is a 1965, a D0 is a 1970.

Tie rod taper is also different. On the 1965-66 spindles it is a .448 taper. The 1967-69 ones have a .506 taper and the 1970-73 are at .534.

Hope this helps.

67 mustang front brakes
by: Jony Macu

Hi I have a 67 drum brake mustang & I have updated to a disc brake front end, the problem is I used a 1972 XB Falcon stub axles.

I have been told that they won't work due to front end wheel alignment won't align ??? I since have come across some 67 mustang disc stub axles can any one tell me how to tell them apart if at all they are 67 axles. Thanks & regards Jony mac

What kind of Work?
by: Russ

Follow up Question:

72 maverick to 67 mustang steering ... like what kind of work ? ,I have both cars..


It depends on a couple of variables for your swap. If your Mustang is an early 1967, you will have the long shaft style steering box, where the box and steering shaft is one piece.

If yours is later, it's a two piece, with either a 1" or 1 1/8" shaft.

The 1967 Mustang control valve assembly uses a valve housing with a 1/4" pressure port. Newer Mustangs and Fords have a 5/16" pressure port.

You may have to use an early Maverick or early Mustang frame bracket to bolt on the power cylinder.

The frame bracket holes will be there on your frame for power steering, but not the inserts and will have to be bought. The Maverick ones are not removable.

Hose lengths will probably be different, so be prepared to have some made up.

The biggest issues are the lengths, splines and shapes and diameters of parts such as the center link, idler arm and tie rods.

If you don't get this right, you may end up with a steering swap that may work, but binds, is loose, or can't be properly aligned.

If you have the time, and fortunately you have all the parts, I'd say remove the Maverick parts and start measuring.

Use a good digital caliper and measure diameters, threads and see what you get.

If it works well, send us some pictures and a write up of how you did it.

I'll feature it on the site.

Good Luck in your swap!

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