1967 Mustang Sun Visor

by Susan

Question: Installing 1967 Mustang Sun Visor Rods

Does anyone know how to get the rod back into the 1967 Mustang sun visor. We purchased them new and the rod will only go part way in.


Getting your new rod into either an old sun visor or a new one takes a bit of doing, that's for sure.

First, let me tell you how NOT to do it. I say this, because several things that seem to be a quick way to get it in, once you realize that it will actually fit in there, can really mess up your new 1967 Mustang Sun Visor.

Don't try to hammer it in or push the visor onto the longer rod (the one that is attached to your roof) with the end on a hard floor. You could damage the chrome or the spring loaded pivot.

If you are careful, you can carefully tap in the short rod (the one that clips into the rearview mirror mount) without damaging the visor.

The longer one just takes a bunch of pushing and in my experience, some really heavy gloves, so you don't cut cut yourself or bruise your hands.

What works best for me is a heavy pair of leather welding gloves, but any really thick gloves or leather mitts should do.

If you have someone who can hold the visor while you push and twist it in that can be a big help. Either way, make sure that you twist or turn it as you apply pressure and it will eventually go in.

It's a lot of work for a small piece but that's the way it is.


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