1967 Mustang convertible Door Won't Open

by Tommy B
(San Antonio, TX)

1967 Mustang door striker

1967 Mustang door striker


I have a 1967 Mustang convertible. The passengers door will not open.

The locking mechanism is working fine as well as the handle. I've taken both door panels off and the handle pull distance is the same on both.


Some Things to Check out:

A few things can happen over time that can make your door not open or unlock.

1. The clip holding the lock pin has come off, allowing the rod to disengage, preventing the latch from unlocking.

2. The mechanism is jammed, and although all the rods are attached, the piece will not unlock.

3. The hinges/bushings are wearing, allowing the door to drop slightly and hang up on the striker. You may be able to get it open, by lifting slightly on the door, or handle to help it off the striker.

4. The striker has moved and is not allowing the door latch to open.

I'd suggest that with your door panel removed, disengage the clips and linkage rods, remove your door handle and see if you can make the mechanism lock and unlock.

Then, manually move the actuator arms and see if you can cause the door to unlatch.

Once it's off, if you need to adjust the striker, you can loosen the screws just enough to move the striker and adjust it for up and down, as well as in and out movement.

If anyone else has ideas to contribute, please use the comment form below and I'll add your information.

Thanks !
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