1966 Shelby Hood

If you're looking for a high quality fiberglass 1966 Shelby Hood that will fit a 1964 1/2, 1965 or 1966 Mustang, then this one is worth a second look.

1966 shelby hood

The hood has been designed so that it can be used as a genuine ram air setup or as a non functional scoop.

To make the conversion simpler, the underside of the hood has been etched, providing a guide for cutting the ram air slot.

This 1966 Shelby GT350 replica hood , has been engineered to go together using your stock Ford Mustang hardware.


The 1966 Shelby GT350 replica hood is constructed with hand laid fiberglass, which is stronger pound for pound and lighter, compared to the usual chopped fiber hoods on the market.

Click on the blue link for detailed information and pricing for the 1966 Shelby GT350 replica hood.

And of course, if you are looking for a more authentic looking reproduction of the original Shelby part, then it's important to know that the originals were not made with a chopper gun. A chopper gun is a machine that chops a spool of glass thread into short pieces, mixing them along the way with fiberglass resin. It is fast and quite strong, but they can have disadvantages for show quality and for long life.

That's because chopped fiberglass parts contain more open air space, as well as a non continuous fiber content. Under light stress you may not notice a difference, but when push comes to shove it can mean the difference between cracked paint and a broken chunk of hood.

The parts you see here, were made through the hand lay up process, which uses specially woven fiberglass cloth which is cut by hand and hand formed into the molds to make a light, strong bond that is pound for pound, stronger and lighter than the chopper gun Shelby hoods.

Get Shelby style authenticity and a much higher resistance to wear and tear at a very reasonable price.

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