1966 Mustang Sun Visor Placement

by Matthew
(Grand Rapids,MI USA)

Mustang Visor Placement

Mustang Visor Placement

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Question Re: 1966 Mustang Sun Visor Placement

I am at the end of restoring my 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe. I had a new headliner put in and not I cannot tell where the mounts are for the sun visors.

I don't want to start cutting and be in the wrong place.

I need a good picture so that I can tell how far from the windshield and how far over from the side to start prodding.

I have spent a lot of time in the internet looking for such a pic- netting nothing.

Can you help???


Hi Matthew.

Yes, you're in luck. I'm putting up some pictures for the sun visor placement, from my 1965 coupe and my 1970 fastback.

I'm sure I had all of them of the front from my 65, but for some reason I can't find the front windshield area before I attached the headliner.

So, what you see in the pictures above, are the sun visor mounts from my 1970 Mustang fastback, with the other finished pics from the 1965 coupe.

The visor mounts for the 1970 car, are the same at the attachment points for the visors, but the center mount, for the visor and rear view mirror is different in later models.

On your 1966 Mustang, like the 1965 models, the center mount is for the sun visors and the rear view mirror (see the picture above).

On later models, the rear view mirror is attached to the windshield, like all other newer cars.

The center mount is exactly in the center from either end, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

Since your headliner is already in, you are going to have to do some poking around to find the holes, so what I'd suggest, is to first have a look at the triangular mount on the sun visor to get a feeling
for what you need to find.

Then push into the headliner with your fingers. You'll feel the brackets as they will be very close to where the fabric is sitting, with a very noticeable depression, where the bracket recedes to the attach to the actual roof panel.

If you can't feel the 3 mounting holes, or you are not sure that you have them, I'd suggest grabbing a pin and making a very small hole where you think the hole is.

And if you don't quite have it, but you're sure you're near it, just keep angling the pin around until you locate the hole.

Then press that area down with a finger and re-insert the pin into that area to confirm you have it right.

Then, with an Exacto knife, or similar, cut a very short slit at the hole and twist a screw into the hole to keep it's place.

Then, your 1966 Mustang sun visor placement gets easier. Use your new visor bracket to get a good idea of where your next hole is and using the pin method, find your next bracket hole.

After that, it's just rinse and repeat, until you have the ends and the middle done.


For those reading this, who are planning on replacing their headliner, and want to avoid all this hassle, here's a quick and painless way to find your screw holes after the headliner is installed.

Before starting any work, take all nine sun visor retaining screws and screw them about half way into the brackets, so that there is about a half inch gap between the screw heads and the bracket.

Then, when the visor is installed, simply push up into the headliner and find the screw heads. Cut them loose carefully with the exacto knife, or a razor blade and push the screw head through the material.

Good Luck!


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