1966 Mustang Floor Pan Height

by MW

1966 Mustang Floor Panel Line

1966 Mustang Floor Panel Line


I want to know what height to put the one piece floor pan, compared to the height of of the rocker panels on my 1966 Mustang coupe.

I don't have a frame to help me with the height of the floor.


Hi MW. Hopefully you'll follow up with this response and I can give you a more detailed answer.

Because terminology differs between manufacturers of floor pans, some companies call a one piece floor pan, a pan, that has a full side from the flange that touches the toe board, back to the rear torque box.

Others consider a one piece pan a single part that includes both sides of the floors, front to back, as well as the transmission tunnel as a complete unit.

If you still have the original Mustang rockers attached, you should be able to line up the floor sides with the marks from the old floors.

mustang floor pan replacement

Even if you can not see the original line of the floors, you can get a good approximation from what's left of the original spot welds, which are just slightly below the floor line.

At the front of the floors at the toe kick panel you should be able to line up some portion of the floors from the line there.

At the rear, you can do basically the same thing. If I'm not understanding you correctly, shoot me another response and if possible upload a picture for reference.

I can give you a ball park measure from the top of the rockers, down to the floor line at the front and back door openings, but it's better if I have some more specific info.

Also,check out the new section on Mustang floor panel replacement .

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