1965 Mustang Exhaust System

Finish that restoration, with a quality 1965 Mustang Exhaust System that's designed to fit perfectly the first time.

A few things to consider when you purchase your full exhaust system.

While the overall systems may look like the OEM, or original equipment pieces, there can be some important differences.

Pipe sizes can vary from stock for a couple reasons. Larger tube sizes pass exhaust gasses better, particularly on high performance engines and those equipped with headers.

Typical sizes available for the 1965 Mustang exhaust system can range from the stock sizes which are below 2 inches in diameter to some standard 2", 2 1/4" and 2.5 inch models.

As well, if you plan on an "H pipe" or "X Pipe" system, make sure that it fits well with everything else you are using.

For instance, on my 1965 Mustang coupe, I ordered a separate H-pipe first, wanting to line up other parts first, before finishing my exhaust system.

Later I ordered the pipes, back from the H-pipe and found after much frustration, that they were from two different manufacturers and ended up adding a inch of length to my exhaust system, making it necessary to cut some pipes to allow the stock exhaust hangers to be used.

Many simple bolt on systems, are available in both, aluminized or 304 stainless steel packages.

For further information, including prices, just click on the pictures.

Flowmaster American Thunder

1966 Ford Mustang Flowmaster Exhaust Systems 17273 American Thunder 2.5

This solidly built, 1965 Ford Mustang Flowmaster Exhaust System features a 2.5" dual rear exit for freer exhaust flow, which translates into bigger horsepower!

Note: Also fits 1966 cars (non GT).

Build Your Own True Dual Exhaust System

1964-1993 Ford Mustang Heartthrob True Dual Exhaust System
This bargain priced, 65 Mustang exhaust system, is custom-crafted from 2 ¼” aluminized steel which is CNC mandrel bent for optimal flow and reduced backpressure.

The Heart throb Ford Mustang Heartthrob True Dual Exhaust System is designed for 1965 to 1993 pony cars.

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